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What do we offer you in this domain? Top of the line software to test semi-conductor wafers is one area of expertise that we gladly offer. Read on to know more….

The challenge you face today…

To meet today's time-to-market challenges, design support is essential as the backbone to really effective manufacturing and supply logistics. One major challenge with parametric testing, which relies heavily on good support from software developers, is fast, efficient data extraction: test engineers and other interested parties need to be able to quickly identify root causes of poor dice, wafer, and lot yields. With many varied test systems and problems, we have gained much confidence in our software solution, coupled with comprehensive support through many different project phases.

Engineers and scientists encounter numerous challenges in using parametric instruments to develop new processes, extract device models and parameters, and determine device reliability. Because each instrument has its own complex interface, the learning curve for new engineers can be quite steep before they become effective at making measurements.

In addition, having an easy way to automate parametric test in the laboratory decreases the risk of operator error in both semi-automatic and fully automatic wafer probe environments. Finally, without some kind of a software test shell it is difficult or impossible to export measurement data over the network into analysis and reporting tools, or to perform post-test data analysis such as wafer mapping and graphical overlay. Finding a solution for these challenges is essential to increasing the efficiency of parametric measurement and analysis in the laboratory environment.

How we computed our unique PC-based Test Controller solution

The challenges we faced

Though our automated test units do a good job of testing the device under test, the challenge is two fold. One is to make the programming and setting up of these units easy, and the other is to collect the data for analysis.

The automated test units are digital and hence it is easy to connect them to a PC for both drawing data from them, and also controlling them.

The objective is to design and implement a custom functional test system for many types of semiconductor hybrids. The system should provide flexible test architecture, easy-to-use development environment, intuitive production graphical interface, instrument and product interchangeability, reduced maintenance cost, and the ability to archive product test data.

The solution we designed

The challenge is to provide software architecture with which to quickly develop test applications for many different products. By abstracting the instrument drivers and building configurable step types, the system can support a variety of test hardware configurations that allows dynamic test parameter configuration, resulting in a flexible production test system that meets the ever-changing requirements of today’s manufacturing environments.

The objective is that with configurable test steps, you can configure test parameters during sequence editing without additional programming. Configurable test steps would provide you with a graphical user interface (GUI) to configure the test parameters. When users configure a test step, they can set test parameters while visualizing how those parameters affect the pass/fail test status.

The software would also run automatic tests based on pre defined scripts. The software would be able to understand and recognize testing stations.

The software is flexible enough to run either predefined tests or user configured tests on different stations, or repeat tests on a user configurable pattern. Tests can also be loaded from pre-defined scripts and run.The value we bring to you

Our automation software provides a complete software solution for instrument-based parametric measurement and analysis. The Windows-based PC software offers a familiar environment for today’s PC-savvy engineers, enabling them to get up and running on the parametric instruments right away. The PC-based system offers the added advantage of networked data sharing and multiple installations of the data analysis software, both of which are difficult to do on stand-alone instruments. Support for automated testing across an entire wafer (including sub-die moves) eliminates errors and inefficiencies associated with human-operated laboratory characterization.

Our software is easy to use, including user-configurable steps for each process. With this architecture, you can quickly assemble and configure new custom test sequences for different hybrid semiconductor component production testing. The software will executive the test sequences, performs test step pass-fail evaluation, and archives the final test results for future analysis.

Other than the above, we bring you the following unique advantages of a solution that you can be comfortable with, instantly:

The user-friendly user interface

The software will have an extremely friendly user interface that will expand and collapse as required. When the test is running, the interface will display color graphics that show where the test is running. For example, when a wafer has failed or passed, it can be shown in a particular color (such as red or green).

Individual screens for each testing type

For each individual testing equipment type, the software will have individual screens that accept data and instructions in ways that are familiar.

The software we develop will screens as similar to the testing equipment so that usage of the software becomes easy.

When the test is complete, the software will store all test data to generate test analyses in both data and graphical format.

Enables control of parametric instruments from a familiar, MS Windows-based PC environment

Our solution displays the device under test (DUT) as a graphical schematic, which makes parametric test intuitive and easy by eliminating the need to write complex programs. Our solution also offers wafer prober control, test sequencing and data analysis capabilities to create a complete solution for parametric measurement and analysis. The PC-based software also makes it simple to transfer data over a network and to print to networked printers.

Powerful test sequencer.

Our solution works with a wide variety of the wafer probers to enable automated test across an entire wafer, including sub-die moves and multiple-algorithm module testing. Automated test results are captured into a structured, tab-delimited ASCII file.

Convenient post-test data analysis features.

Our data analysis software can be installed onto an unlimited number of PCs, allowing you to analyze data at your desk without having to go back into your lab. In addition, data analysis is not limited to those in close proximity to the instruments--it can be performed by other members of the team who may be located in other facilities.

Features Benefits
Control of parametric instruments from a MS Windows-based PC environment. Reduces the learning curve by presenting you with a familiar interface.
PC-based software. Enables easy transfer of data over your network into analysis and reporting tools (such as MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
Built-in GUI-based instrument drivers for a wide variety of semiconductor parameter analyzers, switching matrices and capacitance meters. Enables you to quickly create an integrated CV-IV measurement solution without having to do any programming.
Software language extensions to support instrument control using the MS Visual Basic Scripting language. Provides you with a free programming language (MS Visual Basic Scripting language) for algorithm creation, and a variety of other tasks, such as creating a driver for a non-supported instrument.
Powerful test sequencer tools. Enables automated test across an entire wafer, including sub-die moves and multiple-algorithm module testing. Allows you to use their wafer prober, probe card and switching matrix to create complete automated test plans.
Structured, tab-delimited ASCII file output for automated test results. Gives you the choice between the provided data analysis software or their own software to analyze automated testing results.
Unlimited PC installations for I/CV 3.0 data analysis software. Allows you to analyze automated testing results at their desk, and to make maximum use of the test equipment in their lab.

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