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Onsite Project Management

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When to go in for onsite consulting?

When you need to have our technical people to work with your project managers and analysts together in real time, to facilitate the delivery of short-term, quick turnaround projects.

Our onsite consulting services are a unique proposition of dedicated technical staff deployed at our client’s site. We can deploy our people for upto 3 months at a time.

Our people come to you with a unique combination of knowledge and hands-on experience. We can also custom-train our people on your products and specific technology, if any. We ensure that our people are able to deploy themselves with great efficiency, using the best techniques for time-optimization. Given the fact that onsite consulting services are mostly short-term, you will be getting to work with our very best people. Well-versed in international business concepts and cultural diversities, our people blend into onsite teams with great ease.

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