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We know the challenges you face

The healthcare industry is constantly faced with pressures to cut costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of care – two objectives that are seemingly at odds. Yet with smart information management, both these goals are easily within reach.

As a healthcare leader, you face tremendous pressures to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality patient care. With budget cuts, personnel shortages and other economic factors blocking your success, this challenge can seem insurmountable. But it doesn't have to be.

The answer lies within mountains of patient diagnosis, claims and care data, along with organizational enrollment and provider data. Unfortunately, this data lies buried deep within a labyrinth of clinical and administrative systems that are neither integrated nor fully utilized.

The steady rate of medical research and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device innovations have substantially improved our quality of life. However, limited personnel and financial resources, ineffective processes and regulatory requirement currently restrict the pace of development efforts. At present, the process to bring a new drug to market can require more than 10 years and hundreds of millions dollars to complete.


Because while the banking business has not changed much over time, the banking environment clearly has. Banks today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Managing risk, growing profitably, competing effectively, and leveraging technology all have a major impact on a bank's success in today's market. And although what banks do is the same, how they do it is radically different.

That's where we at I Soft innovations come in. Our job is to help you succeed in the face of such challenges. We're not the only company doing that—but we are one of the best because we will find a way to meet your goals…whether you're large, small or de novo; whether you're savings, commercial or thrift.

If you are a bank involved in one or more of the following, contact us.

  • Aggressive growth plans
  • Ambitious revenue goals
  • Distinctive business models
  • Innovative market strategies
  • Expertise in specialty markets

We will support you in achieving your goals and objectives.

As the technology used by financial institutions has become more complex, and management of the risks has become more challenging, meeting technology requirements with internal resources has become less practical for community banks, and they are likely to continue to rely on external technology service providers.

What solutions do we offer to help you win the challenges you face?

We offer the Banking Industry a set of progressive, secure and innovative solutions to enable them to gain the competitive and technological advantage. Our proven expertise with several well known international banks and securities, firms provides us with a leading edge over our competitors. This also enables us to introduce and localize the best products, services, practices and advanced analytical models to our clients worldwide.

Some of the products and solutions that our solution group offers include our retail banking automation solution. This solution is a suite of banking product. Keeping in focus our commitment to provide specialized products and services to our customers, we have built some robust solution frameworks. A few of these are briefly described below.

You want to move towards newer technologies

Regulatory and competitive pressures have driven clinical organizations to seek out alternatives and more effective ways to manage development process and clinical information. Our goal is to leverage leading-edge technologies in order to decrease development time and reduce clinical trial cost and risk.

Real-time data access, provided by our solution, enable clinical development organization to make more informed and objective decisions regarding product development and portfolio management this allow you to bring new and innovative products to market faster.

Our healthcare solutions currently provide many types of healthcare organizations with intelligent solutions for turning data into vital information. Our solutions, which incorporate Web business intelligence and integration technologies solutions allow you to:

  • Monitor overall organizational finances with real-time data.
  • Track trends – census, admissions, drug studies, and length of stay.
  • Analyze payer mixes and rank.
  • Create new models for patient wellness and self-management.
  • Input or access vital health data from the field with wireless devices.
  • Provide patients with the ability to complete pre-admissions interviews and schedule outpatient procedures online through self-service applications.
  • Simplify the exchange of healthcare information – both internally and externally – and facilitate compliance with HIPAA or HL7 standards.

Managing healthcare organizations is much like managing healthcare: sound decisions require accurate knowledge of complex, interdependent variables. That's exactly what our solutions do for healthcare leaders – turn complex data into the business intelligence needed to produce the most successful outcomes.

We understand your needs

We can help you turn that data into comprehensive solutions. Our experienced healthcare experts give you an integrated view of your data, providing you with the strategic intelligence you need to make sound business decisions.Our years of experience in the healthcare industry, combined with industry-leading technology, empower you to consolidate and integrate volumes of data from every corner of your organization so you can identify and act upon the right performance measures. By allowing you to analyze and report this information in a variety of dimensions, we help you transform your once-dormant data into a clear path for achieving your organization's goals.

Use our solution to

  • Gain timely access to financial information thanks to industry-standard databases.
  • Feel confident with proven functionality (over 35,000 users) and leading Microsoft technology.
  • GSave with low cost of ownership.
  • Gain strong financial controls.
  • Lower inventory costs.
  • Streamline Human Resources & Payroll processing.
  • Empower employees with web-based self service functionality.
  • Increase productivity and minimize training with this easy-to-use solution.

Built on an ERP platform, our solution is specifically designed to meet the critical financial accounting, human resource management, and materials management needs of healthcare providers. With a low cost of ownership, state-of-the-art technology and functionality, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with clinical and medical billing applications, our solution offers unparalleled value to a healthcare organization.

The scope of our solution

Our healthcare solution is an ideal solution for both private and not-for-profit organizations, including:

  • Hospitals and other acute care facilities.
  • Physician practices.
  • Home care/hospice providers.
  • Durable medical equipment (DME) providers.
  • Long-term care/assisted living providers.
  • Health and human services organizations.

Can it get better than this? Here’s some more to our offering…

FDA compliance Our Clinical trial Solution has been designed to exceed current industry regulations for clinical trail software, including the FDA’s 21.

Maximum security

Yes - information is the currency of clinical development. We handle your trial information with the same high level security that is used by e-commerce and online brokerage companies everyday to manage billion of dollars in global transactions.

Real-time efficiency We provide real-time access to a broad range of trail data and clinical applications through a personal computer. With more accurate, real-time information and increased opportunities for collaboration, trial managers will be able accelerate data management and make more informed and objective decisions.

Simple design for ease of use We are a simple and easy-to-use solution designed to bring the clinical development process online. Since our solution combines the familiarity of traditional paper forms with the convenience training. We allow you to rapidly integrate the benefits of information technology into your existing workflow. Designer Work Bench (DWB) Our DWB provides a user friendly GUI, acting as a CRF design tool that needs no software coding knowledge. The DWB performs remote deployment of CRF across network and dynamic form design based on trail needs. It also helps in importing standardized coding dictionaries.

Paperless at your own pace We recognize that a paperless development environment may be your eventual goal. We help your organization to gradually and seamlessly integrate electronic trial administration remote data capture, online image analysis, and document management with your traditional paper-based processes with the support of CRF tracking, dual data entry and ability to print queries.

Accelerating Clinical Innovation Our eClinical Suite is a comprehensive, flexible, and integrated software solution designed to improve the speed and efficiency of clinical development. With trail data can be processed as it is captured, enabled sponsors to have real-time access to information

On-going support

Our professional staff can provide a solution that fulfills your trial management and data management needs. We will work closely with your staff to ensure a successful, controlled implementation that will help bring immediate, measurable

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