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Why I Soft innovations for BPO?

Did you know?

For decades, approximately 50% of financial institutions have chosen to process in-house and 50% to outsource. That trend is now slowly but surely changing with increasing numbers of banks opting to outsource.


Because while the banking business has not changed much over time, the banking environment clearly has. Banks today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Managing risk, growing profitably, competing effectively, and leveraging technology all have a major impact on a bank's success in today's market. And although what banks do is the same, how they do it is radically different.

That's where we at I Soft innovations come in. Our job is to help you succeed in the face of such challenges. We're not the only company doing that—but we are one of the best because we will find a way to meet your goals…whether you're large, small or de novo; whether you're savings, commercial or thrift.

If you are a bank involved in one or more of the following, contact us.

  • Aggressive growth plans
  • Ambitious revenue goals
  • Distinctive business models
  • Innovative market strategies
  • Expertise in specialty markets

We will support you in achieving your goals and objectives.

As the technology used by financial institutions has become more complex, and management of the risks has become more challenging, meeting technology requirements with internal resources has become less practical for community banks, and they are likely to continue to rely on external technology service providers.

What solutions do we offer to help you win the challenges you face?

We offer the Banking Industry a set of progressive, secure and innovative solutions to enable them to gain the competitive and technological advantage. Our proven expertise with several well known international banks and securities, firms provides us with a leading edge over our competitors. This also enables us to introduce and localize the best products, services, practices and advanced analytical models to our clients worldwide.

Some of the products and solutions that our solution group offers include our retail banking automation solution. This solution is a suite of banking product. Keeping in focus our commitment to provide specialized products and services to our customers, we have built some robust solution frameworks. A few of these are briefly described below.

Retail Banking Automation

This is a collection of Internet banking interfaces, which automates all customer related tasks in a bank. Repetitive and time consuming tasks such as Close Accounts, Stop Payments, ATM / Credit Card Insurance, Event Contact Management and so on are transformed into a highly compact, fast and secure system. Banks also benefit from the increased turnover and customer satisfaction, which our product generates.


eResearch does research on the check images and transaction data. A key feature of our eResearch product is the flexible, powerful search function. You can also search for specific items based on MICR fields.

Document Imaging

Our document imaging solution performs flexible searches by date range and provides image manipulation capabilities to zoom, rotate and annotate.


eResearch performs research on the images of checks and transaction data. The key features of our eReseach product are:

  • Flexible, powerful search function
  • Search for specific items based on MICR fields
  • Export data to a word processor


This product allows you to view, print, and forward account statements via email. The statements include bar codes that help establish the authenticity. You can also make use of the customized printing options by institution or account. This product supports image notices and special handling functions.


This product delivers image-enabled return processing. It also pulls exception items by code values and identifies the bank of first deposit for returned items. The product also presents images for signature verification and enables you to create return reasons.

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